2021 GP1800R HO


The new GP1800R HO is a pure sport machine build to conquer – from its ultra light-weight body to the industry-first Auto-Trim that lets you split the waves in cornering, all is made to deliver exhilarating, adrenaline-pumping action.

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Built to conquer.

The reving power and acceleration come from our latest High Output 1.8Litre 4-stroke engine – the largest in the industry – combined with many other innovative features, like the race-designed top-loader intake grate and ride plate which further improve acceleration, cornering and rough water hook-up.

The re-designed seat, handlebar shape and sitting position, deeper footwells and lower, more central Center of Gravity within the ultra-lightweight body, bring a true leap forward in handling and control. The new Auto-Trim system, with automated launch and cornering control take the GP1800R HO to the next level.


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