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      • Av. del Muelle, 62, 35120 Mogán Gran Canaria
      • 649 944 441 / 639 502 275

      FX SVHO

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      22 402€
      taxes included

      FX SVHO

      Tipo Motor
      4 tiempos, 4 cilindros, Super Vortex High Output
      Altas Prestaciones
      Sí (con intercooler)
      Gasolina premium sin plomo
      Diámetro x carrera
      86.0 mm x 78.0 mm
      Capacidad Combustible
      3.58 m x 1.27 m x 23 m
      1-3 personas
      Peso en Seco Kg
      Capacidad de Carga

      A new design to supercharge all your adventures

      Bring a smile to your face by riding this machine in an aggressive, wave-conquering style – or explore its more relaxing personality, when it becomes the smoothest, most powerful 3-seat touring machine you could wish for, ready to deliver great adventures in luxury and comfort.

      The supercharged SVHO engine and lightweight NanoXcel2 hull and body are a perfect double act – impressive power coupled with stable, agile handling and a comfortable ride.

      It’s cutting-edge technology and innovation all the way in this feature-packed new design, with our revolutionary and intuitive RiDE control system, electronic Trim and Reverse, Cruise-Assist and security mode.

      Today’s WaveRunner enjoys a world-leading reputation for reliability and all-round performance earned over many years – and we’ve always led the way with our pioneering development of efficient 4-stroke technology. The result? No other watercraft comes close.

      • Cruise Assist, No Wake mode and electronic trim
      • Unique 4-step tilt-adjustable steering system
      • Electronic Reverse with traction control
      • Revolutionary RiDE™ system – intuitive control
      • Industry-first colour touch-screen instruments
      • Drive Mode, Low RPM Mode and Security Mode
      • New Multi-Mount system for your accessories
      • New deep step & dual handles for easy re-boarding
      • Footwell drainage system
      • Supercharged SVHO 1812cc engine with EFI
      • Sleek new body and hull design in NanoXcel2


      Supercharged 1812cc engine

      This amazing SVHO (Super Vortex High Output) engine produces smooth, flexible power and features highly efficient cooling and air intake systems as well as strong engine internals. The large Hyper-Flow jet pump helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration – and the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives smooth and efficient power output.

      30% more storage for even bigger adventures

      We´ve designed around 30% more easy-access storage into our latest FX models – so your adventures can be longer and take you further. There are cleverly integrated, practical storage solutions all round the boat, including a very large watertight glovebox compartment and generous storage under the seats and at the bow and stern.

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